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Siegfried Gursche has impassioned Canadians with his simple message of natural health for 27 years. Now, with a new generation of people and products, he's turning up the volume.

Siegfried Gursche has impassioned Canadians with his simple message of natural health for 27 years.

Now, with a new generation of people and products, he's turning up the volume. His goal: to inspire more North Americans to live "naturally" and, therefore, reap the many benefits of good food, regular exercise and emotional wellness.

To that end, he welcomes your help in spreading the word.

The Challenges . . .
Natural health has been practised for centuries by people the world over to prevent and heal disease. So why, then, do so few North Americans today truly embrace these traditional practices?

Given our society's capitalistic culture, it's not surprising most of us have replaced old, proven methods with new, quick-fix alternatives. It's faster and easier to buy a hamburger than to prepare a nutritious meal. And it's faster and easier to medicate aches, pains and emotional strains as they occur rather than prevent them through responsible self-care. This convenience, however, doesn't come cheap; its human and environmental impacts are staggering.

Fortunately, though, more people are awakening to the fact that nature does know best, and that there are no short cuts on the road to optimal health. While this trend toward enlightenment provides many health benefits, it also offers huge profit-making opportunities, hence exploitation. In the resulting race for market share, the ultimate losers will be uninformed consumers.

The Opportunities . . .
Luckily for those who seek the truth, there are people in all sectors of the natural health movement dedicated to sharing their wealth of information and experience. Alive Publishing Group Inc. will continue to lead that charge through its faithful partnerships with educators, practitioners and health food retailers. Together, we will educate, motivate and support people to become skilled stewards of their health.

To help meet that objective, the alive Journal has a new look and enhanced full-journal status, which guarantees articles are peer-reviewed by experts in a variety of natural health fields.

Journal articles are now linked to alive's new interactive natural health Web-site, the largest of its kind in Canada. Included on are the past four years of alive Journals and excerpts from the re-printed Encyclopedia of Natural Healing. We invite you to share this "gift of health" by forwarding information and recipes from alive's online cookbook to family and friends. We also encourage you to take our brand new HQ (health quotient) test, the first of its kind in North America. In about 30 minutes, you can evaluate your health by answering a series of questions in seven modules. You can then archive your results for future comparison.

These and other initiatives will expand alive's reach to almost a million people a month.

That's a huge responsibility, so we invite your participation to guarantee our health messages are getting through loud and clear to everyone who wants to listen and learn. So, please share your thoughts. Are we featuring issues that are important to you? Do we offer enough practical advice? Is the information presented understandable and provocative?

We invite your feedback to

Together, as partners, we can awaken more people to the powerful message of natural health and sustain our communities in the process.



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