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The Advantages of Whole Food Nutritional Supplements


Everyone knows whole foods are essential to a healthy diet, but can the benefits of whole foods also be found in nutritional supplements? Yes they can, if you get the right kind.

Everyone knows whole foods are essential to a healthy diet, but can the benefits of whole foods also be found in nutritional supplements? Yes they can, if you get the right kinds.

While the average adulterated, isolated, or synthetic supplements cannot give the body what whole foods can, exceptional nutritional supplements do exist. Known as "whole food nutritional supplements," they strengthen and complete a balanced diet.

Exceptional whole food nutritional supplements are made from only organically grown, nutrient-dense whole foods minimally processed at low temperatures. They are then made "body ready" to assist in the quick absorption and assimilation of nutrients. Without these quality assurances, the consumer risks ingesting synthetic, pesticide-ridden, nutrient-lessened
supplements that are ineffective or possibly even harmful.

To avoid the pitfalls of substandard supplements, customers should look for supplements that are:

Made With Whole Foods

"Whole foods" contain the essential nutrients for balanced vitality and wholeness. Whole foods contain only the naturally occurring nutrients intrinsic to the original plant or animal.

Organically Grown

"Organic" refers to environmentally friendly and health supportive methods of farming and processing foods. Organically grown and processed foods do not contain pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or other damaging chemicals.


"Nutrient-dense" means the supplement contains the most nutrients per amount or serving size. Essential nutrients, though necessary for overall health, are not manufactured in the body and must be gained through foods or supplements. Essential nutrients include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and specific fatty acids. Whole foods are the best source of essential nutrients since they contain high levels of natural, unchanged nutrients.

Minimally Processed at Low Temperatures

High heat and excessive processing can alter or destroy the essential nutrients found in whole foods. As a result, overly processed food and supplements use chemicals, such as those synthesized from coal or tar, to increase their therapeutic value.

"Body Ready" for Easy Absorption and Assimilation

To get the most benefit from a supplement, the nutrients must be readily absorbed and used by the body. High quality whole food nutritional supplements boost the body's ability to absorb and use nutrients by making the supplement "body ready." One way of doing this is to provide the nutrients in an already broken-down state achieved through an enzymatic fermentation process. Additionally, homeostatic nutrient complexes contain co-factors necessary for proper absorption and utilization, including enzymes, amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics, and organic cids.

It is the combination of all of these essential processing qualities that ensures exceptional quality nutritional supplements. Supplements lacking in any or all of these areas will be substandard at best because their efficacy and potency have been jeopardized.

The overall efficacy and potency of the average adulterated, isolated, or synthetic supplement will never reach that of the organically grown whole food nutritional supplement because they are stunted and ineffective at inception - prior to ever reaching the human body. However, the efficacy and the potency of the exceptional whole food nutritional supplement are inherent due to its use of quality ingredients and mindful processing designed to retain the efficacy and potency of organically grown whole foods.

A nutrimental supplement made entirely from the world's healthiest foods grown and prepared in the healthiest ways? Now that's food for the body and the mind.



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