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The Heart Disease of Health Canada


A bureaucrat is "an official who narrowly and arbitrarily adheres to a rigid routin.

A bureaucrat is "an official who narrowly and arbitrarily adheres to a rigid routine."

Health Canada's 7,163 employees are bureaucrats, supported by a very strong Government Employee's Union that "unduly" controls the health and/or sickness of the entire population of this country.

You should know that this bureaucracy and its officials are right now under investigation for fraud, lying under oath and grievance hearings brought against them by Health Canada scientists themselves.

Health Canada is all about the health and profitability of pharma-business. Director Dan Nickols admitted as much a few years ago when he said that international drug companies are his clients. (A current focus is to get genetically engineered products to market as quickly and with as little consumer awareness as possible.) The Health Canada propaganda machine, via well-paid PR hacks, seeks to soothe away the growing anxiety of the consumer-victim because of its "undue" bureaucratic influence and expropriated authority.

All media outlets, newspaper campaigns, radio and television and now, of course, the Internet, focus on convincing you, the consumer, that more drugs are better and will keep you well. The Globe and Mail (Monday, September 18, 2000) included an advertising supplement called Health & Pharmaceuticals.

It clearly reveals the incestuous relationship between Health Canada et al and global drug big-business.

What They Spent
The eight-page supplement is loaded with the copywriter's art: the rallying cry of more and better jobs; a vision of freedom from disease and longevity with drugs; the promise of better medicine for less cost; the enticement of scientific research; the crocodile tears of compassion and concern for the consumer by chemical companies.

For this protection, Health Canada generously spends your money on: bureaucratic salaries; defending citizen lawsuits; advertising; intimidation of doctors and/or health food store owners and other expenses. You receive only what mainstream medicine is willing to provide, not what you ask for.

In 1999 you willy-nilly contributed $1,994.8 billion in tax money to the support of Health Canada. Yes, that's $2 billion! The amount exceeded the budget by about $100 million!

Contributions to government bureaucrat benefit plans, payment for insured "health" services and undisclosed "operating expenditures" ate up several millions of that.

The health minister's Health Canada "salary" and motor car expenses amounted to $100,000 that same year--and that did not include his "salary" as a member of the Parliament of Canada and of the federal cabinet!

We are told that cancer cases are increasing among ever-younger people and will continue to do so. Diabetes is pandemic especially among aboriginals and the poor. Heart disease, even with some patients having as many as three and four costly "corrective" surgeries, is still the number one killer among both men and women.

Drug sales are mounting into the billions of dollars, making drugs the number one investment worldwide. AstraZeneca was the top pharmaceutical company in Canada in 2000 with sales of $615.1 million. The fastest growing chemical company was Searle with a 94 per cent growth and a profit of $146.684 million.

Tylenol and Premarin are among the 10 top drugs dispensed in Canada with total sales in both drug stores and hospitals a mere $10 billion!

In this "health care" system alternative doctors are persecuted, natural therapies are outlawed.

Folks, the "heart" of Health Canada is sick. What's required is open-heart surgery.



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