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#2013alive: Donate Your Time


Want to lend a hand? For week 3 of August’s 12 Months of Wellness, we’re volunteering in our communities.

For August’s 12 Months of Wellness, we’ve been exploring our communities and having some fun. Our focus this week turns to donating our time to a worthy cause—be it a charity, animal shelter, or sports team.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering can be much more than a way to bulk up your resume—it can be fodder for your cover letter as well. But in all seriousness, volunteering should be fun too! Helping out in your community is a great way to make friends and learn new skills without the pressure of a paid position.

Where to start?

Choose a project or organization that appeals to your personal interests. If your internet time consists mostly of browsing through pictures of fluffy kittens, for example, get in touch with the real thing by helping out at a local animal shelter.

Giving back can also be a chance to try something new or pursue a passion that isn’t highlighted in other areas of your life. Resources such as take a cue from online dating sites by pairing your interests and skills with relevant volunteer opportunities (genius!). There are countless options available, so here are just a few suggestions to get you going.

  • For foodies: serve meals to others at food banks or soup kitchens.
  • For dog lovers: satisfy your daily canine cuteness quota at animal shelters.
  • For multitasking planners: lend your skills to ongoing or one-time festivals.
  • For artistic types: give back to the arts at theatres, museums, or galleries.
  • For the young at heart: help out a sports team or youth organization.
  • For the prematurely mature: lend a hand at a seniors’ centre.
  • For charitable souls: assist a nonprofit organization or charity.

Care to share?

Do you give back to a project or organization that you love? Volunteer your volunteering stories in the comments below or on our Facebook and Twitter (with the hashtag #2013alive).

P.S. If you haven’t already, download our August goal sheet to continue tracking your success!



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