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#2013alive: How do You Balance Work and Life?


For week 1 of September’s 12 Months of Wellness, some alive staff share how they balance work and life.

Midway through week 1 of September’s 12 Months of Wellness, we’re checking in to see how some alive staff members find peace outside of their professional lives.

Sandi Gauvin, Senior Editor: “Almost as soon as I’ve shut down my computer at work, I’ve donned either my rowing spandex, tennis/volleyball or walking shoes, or workout clothes. All of these activities are wonderful distractions from everyday worries; they not only keep me healthy and fit, but they also keep me involved with a wide community of friends. I wind down every evening with a more cerebral hobby—a good book (and plenty of sticky notes for my monthly book club discussion). But my absolute favourite antidote to stress is spending time with my beautiful—and very energetic—granddaughter, Clara!”

Jennifer Procyshyn, Account Manager: “My hobbies include spending time with my family, working on stained glass, and exercising my dog Freckles. Because she is a German shorthaired pointer, she can never seem to get enough of a run or tire of chasing a ball at the park.”

Bronwyn Wilson, Marketing and Digital Communications Specialist: “My hubby and I always try to ensure that we eat dinner together as much as possible; we think that this family time is very important as an example to set for my stepson and for our baby-to-be when he/she arrives. We also have family music time, which is a great chance for us all to spend time together and relax outside of work. I am lucky to have a very musical husband who plays the drums, guitar, and bass, while my stepson is learning the drums and bass from Dad and I sing along with them—makes for some fun family time away from the TV. When my husband was with his band, we would all go out to practices together, and my stepson and I would dance or sing along as the band practised.”

Let us know how it’s going

I think family music time might be my new favourite thing—but how about you? Have you found ways to let go of work stress this week? Stop by our Facebook and Twitter—using the hashtag #2013alive—to share how you find balance. Meanwhile, check in for more 12 Months of Wellness tidbits via our ongoing blog posts.

And don’t forget to keep track of your progress with our September goal-tracking sheet—just filling it out might be as relaxing as a mug of steaming herbal tea.



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