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#2013alive: Prep for Next Week - Meal Planning


#2013alive: Prep for Next Week - Meal Planning

Week 4 of #2013alive is wrapping up. Let’s prep for next week - meal planning!

Week 4—getting some help from supplements— of #2013alive is wrapping up. Now it’s time to pat ourselves on the back for all our good work so far, and get prepping for next week: meal planning.

Meal planning
Since week 5’s meal planning starts this Sunday (January 27), we’ve got to start coming up with our grocery lists now! Here’s our step-by-step guide.

  1. For each day, jot down the dinner you’ll be having, plus all the ingredients you need.
  2. Do the same for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.
  3. Keep in mind any leftovers you’ll accumulate throughout the week; decide how you’ll use them.
  4. Next, do a quick inventory to see what you already have at home so you don’t buy duplicates.
  5. Grab your reusable shopping bags, and you’re off to the store! 

Of course, our challenge for the week ahead will be sticking to our meal plan—that means avoiding the impromptu drive-thru run, and only going to the grocery store once.

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