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A Legacy of Words

Honouring alive’s impact as we reach our 500th issue milestone


A Legacy of Words

Throughout our history, alive has been a beacon of wellness, guiding our readers on a path to intentional health. We've been a companion to many, through moments of optimal wellness and unfortunate diagnoses. Our goal has always been to put our readers first and be there with you through the peaks and valleys of life.

Since our very first issue , alive has been on its own journey right alongside you. Our focus has grown and evolved since the beginning ... from a small publication that introduced and educated our readers on the world of natural health, to Canada’s number one natural health resource, focusing on health, lifestyle, recipes, fitness, sustainability, and so much more. And it’s this journey that has led us toward our greater purpose—bringing the promise of natural health to the whole world.

When you pick up alive magazine, you’re choosing an earth-first publication—one that is planting trees to offset our emissions. Our collective impact is the legacy we want to leave behind as we look forward to our next 500 issues.

As we flip through the pages of the past, we look back on memories of healing, motivation, and support that have unfolded within these pages. The hard work behind every word, image, and layout is a testament to the power that lies beneath each cover.

In reaching this 500th-issue milestone, we acknowledge the tireless efforts of our loyal, enthusiastic staff, and every editor, writer, designer, contributor, and retailer who have shaped alive magazine over the years into a source of knowledge and inspiration. We are a small, committed team who is dedicated to sharing our passion for health and wellness with the world.

Whether you casually flip through, or read alive cover to cover, we see you. There are countless proud moments behind our 500 issues, yet it’s you, our readers, that we’re most grateful for. You’ve helped us become so much more than a magazine; you’ve helped us build a community of natural health enthusiasts who prioritize holistic health as much as we do. Thank you for helping us breathe life into each issue.

If you’re new here, welcome. If you’ve journeyed alongside us for years, welcome home. We’d love for you to share our milestone issue with someone who could use a trusted friend.

“Happy 500th issue to our readers, our partners, and the passionate team of creators at alive!”

“Over our 500 issues, alive has grown from a small publication printed in our founder’s garage to the world’s largest natural health and wellness magazine. Every month, millions of people turn to the pages of alive to guide them through their wellness journey, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue this mission for another 500 issues.” - Ryan Benn, CEO and Group Publisher

“It’s so amazing that alive has been educating and inspiring Canadians for 500 issues, I feel so fortunate to be a part of this company that makes a real difference in people’s lives. Our success is a credit to the natural health food stores that carry alive and the manufacturers that advertise and put their trust in us to spread our joint message of wellness to Canadians.” - Ellen Wheeler, Vice President, Sales

“Our passion for natural health has spanned decades and continues to educate and inspire readers across Canada and North America to live their healthiest lives, I’m honoured to curate content for a magazine that brings the best natural health and wellness information to beginners, experts, and everyone in between.”  - Tracy Peternell, Group Content Director


This article was originally published in the June 2024 issue of alive magazine.



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