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Blue Flag Canada: Keeping Our Marinas and Beaches Safe, Clean, and Sustainable


This summer, raise the Blue Flag and celebrate an internationally recognized standard of ecosystem protection.

This summer, more Canadians will be able to indulge in a day of sun and surf at their local beach or marina, secure in the knowledge that these coastal treasures are being kept clean, safe, and sustainable under the guidelines of the globally respected Blue Flag Program.

Currently, 3,100 beaches and 625 marinas display the Blue Flag across 46 countries worldwide. Since Canada’s first Blue Flag accreditation in Toronto in 2005, Blue Flags have been awarded to Canadian beaches and marinas by Environmental Defence, an environmental action organization seeking to connect the public to the environmental issues that affect their daily lives.

This year alone, 18 beaches and four marinas across Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia were awarded a Blue Flag from Environmental Defence. The full list of Canadian beaches and marinas given Blue Label certification in 2013 can be found at

When you see the annually awarded Blue Flag flying over a beach or a marina, you know that it meets strict Blue Flag criteria in regard to water quality, environmental management, environmental education, safety, and services. The program is managed internationally by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), ensuring that the criteria for qualification remain standard across the globe.

Blue Flag certification creates a relationship between us and our local beaches, encouraging us to maintain an international standard of sustainable management and tourism while protecting important ecosystems. Beaches and marinas flying the prestigious eco-label are making a proud commitment to keeping Canada’s signature coastlines and lakes beautiful, allowing us to safely and sustainably enjoy these invaluable natural treasures for generations to come.

Consider visiting a Blue Flag certified beach for your next family outing, or even applying to get your local beach or marina Blue Flag certified. With World Oceans Day just around the corner, there is no better time to appreciate the importance of maintaining valuable ecological resources.



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