Emergency Remedies for Sun Holidays

Emergency Remedies for Sun Holidays

On her layover in Vancouver en route to Hawaii, my fair-skinned friend Jane, who lives on the Prairies and is used to a weaker sun, wanted to pick up some homeopathic remedies for her trip, in case she suffered overexposure to the sun. Here is what Jane took with her.

For Tender Skin

To moisten skin after sunbathing and soothe mild burns, I recommended Jane take along aloe vera but also calendula creme and calendula tincture. Fifteen to 20 drops of calendula tincture in 1/2 cup (125 mL) boiled or bottled water applied externally works on any type of burn or sore skin. Calendula, the marigold flower, has potent healing properties to prevent infection and promote healing.

Calendula used internally as a homeopathic remedy in 6c or 9c potency, is used to prevent and treat infections when blisters break after a burn.

Urtica urens a homeopathic remedy made from stinging nettle, is taken internally at a 9c potency for the more typical sunburn that does not blister, but feels hot, burns, and itches.

Cantharis is an excellent remedy for burns that blister or are about to blister. Jane would not likely be so badly sunburned to need this remedy while in Hawaii, but it is a good emergency remedy to have on hand for any serious burn. Take Cantharis at 30c potency for the pain and to promote the healing of second-degree burns.

For Sunstroke and Heat Exhaustion

Sunstroke is a medical emergency that occurs after getting too much direct sun. Signs are headache, dizziness, and weakness that later lead to confusion and loss of consciousness. Fever develops: the face is hot and flushed, but the skin is dry and the pulse and breathing are fast. Children and the elderly are most at risk.

Heat exhaustion typically occurs from prolonged heat exposure combined with lack of fluids, which often happens during sports. Symptoms are similar, with weakness, even fainting, but the skin is damp and pale and the pulse is slow and faint.

Belladonna is the remedy for sunstroke and helps the body recover from the fever, throbbing headache, hot, red, dry face and skin. Take one 30c potency Belladonna tablet every 10 to 15 minutes. Increase to three or four 30c tablets every 10 to 15 minutes when symptoms are severe.

Glonione at 30c potency can be more appropriate when the head feels like exploding or expanding, or when Belladonna is not helping.

Cuprum metallicum at 30c potency is valuable for severe muscle cramps that can develop alongside sweating after too much sun exposure.

Homeopathic remedies work fast to promote healing and help the body regain balance after too much sun. Jane found them effective to remedy the sun overexposure she inevitably experienced during her Hawaiian vacation and is now a strong homeopathy supporter.

No Nonsense Prevention

  • Enjoy the early morning and late afternoon sun, which has more beneficial rays; take a siesta, stay in the shade, or cover up at midday when the sun’s rays are dangerous.
  • Choose natural sunscreen over commercial brands to avoid carcinogens and
    allergic reactions.
  • Drink plenty of water while in the sun and especially if you have a burn; remember that alcoholic beverages dehydrate.
  • Sunbathe cautiously: start with 15 minutes a day, increasing time as your body acclimatizes; a bad burn can ruin a holiday as well as your skin.
  • Wear a hat to prevent sunstroke.

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