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Friday's Top 5 Tips and Trends


Hoppy Friday! Welcome to our Easter-themed Tips and Trends blog post.

1. Cook up a meatless Easter brunch!

alive editor Colleen compiled alive’s best meat-free brunch recipes for her Meatless Monday blog post. There’s something for everyone—adults or kids, sweet or savoury. My personal favourite might be the Marigold Baked Eggs.

2. Dye Easter eggs naturally

Eco-friendly dyes create gorgeous eggs and can be fun to make as a family. As alive writer Christina Dennis proclaims, “Dyeing Easter eggs naturally can be not only a more eco-friendly activity choice for your family this Easter, but also a wonderful learning experience. It’s entertaining to experiment with different colours and patterns, and creating family holiday traditions together is so special and rewarding.” Check out her article, “Dyeing Easter Eggs … Naturally” to learn how to do it.

3. Feeling crafty?

While you’re at it, check out our printable DIY Easter craft ideas for kids. Best of all, they’re upcycled—meaning you probably already have all the necessary materials at home.

4. Don’t fear eggs

Of course, dyeing—and eating—eggs are a big Easter tradition. But did you know that eggs are actually very healthy? Our recent article “10 Heart Health Myths” helps dispel the stereotype of the cholesterol-raising egg.

5. Go on … indulge in some Easter chocolate

Another reason to rejoice? Have a square of dark chocolate with your eggs—it’s good for you, too! Read our article “Say Yes to Chocolate” to get the rundown on chocolate’s healthy secrets, and to discover some lip-smacking chocolate recipes. Dark chocolate popcorn? Yes, please!



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