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George Herman House


Get to know George Herman House - a women’s transitional home that’s beating mental illness through nutrition and holistic strategies.

Mental health issues affect about one in five Canadians. Even if we’re not personally affected, those odds suggest that we know someone—a family member, friend, or coworker—who’s struggled with a mental illness.

Today, we’re highlighting an organization that provides a happy, healthy home for women with mental illnesses. George Herman House is pretty awesome. Based in Toronto, it is Canada’s only holistic institution for those with mental health issues. Thousands of women have benefited from the home’s focus on well-being through fresh, organic foods and a balanced lifestyle.

How does it work?

Women enter George Herman House to find mental and emotional stability within a group, and leave as grounded individuals. Here are just some of the ways that the home fosters health and positivity in its residents:

  • educates about the role of healthy food in supporting mental health
  • offers complementary alternative therapies, such as massage, homeopathy, and yoga
  • provides nutritious and organic ingredients
  • encourages continued education and training

The George Herman House staff welcome new residents with a surprising greeting: “enjoy the fridge!” The home’s use of fresh, organic foods is an essential part of its treatment program. “People who have been through traumas often have imbalances and nutrient deficiencies,” explains Executive Director Joan Wallace. “And medications often create a greater need for certain nutrients. Fresh, seasonal organic food gives the women what their bodies need.”

According to one resident, the house is more than just a place to live; it’s “a warm, safe, home-like environment”—complete with a resident cat!

How can we help?

Feeling generous? Support the wonderful work that George Herman House does by donating money, your time, or an item on its House Wish List. Or channel the spirit of the season and brighten residents’ holiday by contributing to the home’s annual Christmas gift baskets. Either money or useful items—gift certificates, winter accessories, or toiletries—would be welcome!



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