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Host a (Green) Holiday Party!


Try these tips for a chemical-free eco-friendly holiday party.

There’s so much that goes into planning a holiday party: paper plates, plastic cutlery, pretty paper napkins, holiday-scented air fresheners. It all adds up to a lot of waste and a lot of unnecessary chemicals. Try these tips for a natural, eco-friendly holiday party.

This is a given—choose organic, local, and sustainable options whenever possible. You can also opt for vegetarian finger foods. While you’re at it, look for organic wine—there are more options than ever these days!

Plates and cutlery
Disposable cutlery and utensils are wasteful and often unnecessary. If you can, use your regular silverware. And if that’s not an option, choose paper or recyclable plastic (remember than #6 plastic is polystyrene—also known as Styrofoam—and generally not recyclable!).

Far too many decorations are made from plastic and shipped from afar. Try these tips instead:

  • Decorate with a holiday houseplant—they’re beautiful and help to clear the air of harmful toxins. Otherwise, choose organic, Fair Trade flowers (they do exist!).
  • Make your own wreaths by wrapping extra branches from your Christmas tree, bows, and holly around a reusable wreath frame (available at most craft stores).
  • Channel your inner pioneer and make garlands from popcorn and cranberries!
  • Choose organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo table linens and napkins.

Scents and candles
The holidays conjure up many happy memories—many of which are connected to scents. From pine needles to cinnamon, everyone seems to have a favourite holiday scent. However, the chemicals used to make artificial fragrances can be harmful and irritating.

Unfortunately, artificial candles aren’t much better. Made from petroleum-based paraffin, they can release toxins into the air when burned. Instead, choose sweet-smelling beeswax or soy-based candles that are scented with natural essential oils.



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