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It's Work Your Proper Hours Day


Do you stay late at work even if you’re not paid overtime? Don’t let it happen today - it’s Work Your Proper Hours Day!

Do you stay late at work to get your project done, even if you’re not paid overtime? If so, you’re not alone. Don’t let it happen today—it’s Work Your Proper Hours Day!

Started in the UK by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), this holiday “is the day when the average person who does unpaid overtime finishes the unpaid days they do every year, and starts earning for themselves. We think that's a day worth celebrating.” They encourage employees to take their full lunch break (no eating at your desk!) and leave on time.

Workplace wellness is essential for healthy work-life balance. However, many of us work unpaid overtime on a regular basis, putting our health, stress levels, and personal lives on the back burner. It’s great to take one day to work your proper hours, but the purpose of the day is to shift and refocus on what’s most important.

Stress-busting tips

Spread the word to your coworkers, and enjoy your Friday evening!



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Innovation for Good

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