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Are you short on ideas for a unique, romantic Valentine's Day? Here are some ideas for gifts to make it memorable for your loved one.

Are you short on ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day? Here are some suggestions to make it memorable for your loved one.

For Your Wife

Start off her Valentine’s Day with breakfast in bed: pick up healthy muffins the night before, serve them with juice and herbal tea, and set a vase containing a single crimson rose on the tray. Double the impact of a classic bouquet of flowers by enclosing a handwritten love letter. Give her a bar of dark, organic chocolate for every year you’ve been a couple. Make up a gift coupon for dinner at the French bistro you took her to on your first date–and pre-order a bottle of wine that’s the same vintage as the year you met. (Check our ideas for girlfriends and lovers, too).

For Your Girlfriend

Break the long-stemmed red rose tradition by surprising her with delicate baby’s breath, which means “innocence,” or pink carnations that say, “I’ll never forget you.” Cuddle her in a cozy pashmina or a sumptuous robe. Write her a note to tell her that when you’re not around to hug her, your gift will. If she’s a fan of “chick lit,” indulge her with a stack of the latest titles tied up with scarlet ribbon. Create a 2008 calendar using photos of the two of you–in red, mark private dates you celebrate together.

For Your Lover

Share a special experience. Arrange to meet at a certain hour–and what to wear–then whisk your lover away. Take a limo ride complete with champagne or walk through a snowy landscape (take along a Thermos of hot chocolate). Wander around the city’s galleries to buy a celebratory piece of art. Snuggle together to watch a classic romantic movie such as Sleepless in Seattle or Casablanca. Slow dance to Strauss waltzes or mood-setting music by Michael Bubl?r Barry White. Share a lavender-scented bath with dried lavender flowers afloat, and dry off with new ultra-luxurious organic towels.

For Your Boyfriend

Treat him to a massage with aromatic oils at a day spa–or give him a massage yourself. Surprise him with a pair of tickets for the game (tell him the other one is for his buddy). Treat him to a Valentine’s lunch at his favourite restaurant (give staff your credit card number when you make reservations so there’s no debate about whose treat it is). Acknowledge the “other woman” in his life by picking up some doggie treats for his golden retriever. While he’s at work, have his car hand-washed, polished, and detailed. Stick hot pink Post-it notes on a globe, marking Paris, Venice, and anywhere else you’d like to take him.



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