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Wrap Yourselves in Romance

Valentine's gifts


Valentine's Day is meant to be enjoyed, but often becomes a burden. Instead of stressing out, test out these unique Valentine's Day gifts and ideas for couples.

Valentine’s Day is a day when our love is meant to be shared and enjoyed. But often it becomes a burden for those who are not so well endowed with a memory for sentiment.

It may be time to relieve your sweetheart of the burden of remembering to pick up that last-minute gift. Instead of mulling over sad-looking, wilted flowers that cost the earth each February 14, look together for gifts that are truly meant to be shared.

Get Steamy

Gather your sponges along with some naturally scented shower gels and soaps, light some aromatherapy candles, set out your favourite soft and luxurious organic bath linens, thenturn on the shower.

Ever since Aphrodite used the aromatic petals of roses to advance her romantic designs, the rose has symbolized love and affection. Look for natural gels and soaps that contain this ancient elixir to evoke an atmosphere of romance while you enjoy the sensuousness of free-flowing warmth–and do your part to conserve energy. Lather up and enjoy the pleasure of ensuring that novital spot is missed.

Heal While You Feel

Hands down the most romantic way to soothe sore, stiff muscles, sharing a massage can provide a therapeutic–and loving–connection with your sweetheart. Of course, setting the scene for a romantic massage is key: find a comfortable, quiet corner (either at home or at a special retreat) where you can be completely alone without interruption; choose your favourite soft, romantic music to provide background ambience; create a soft glow with aromatic candles; and be sure to have a supply of sensuous massage oils on hand.

Look for oils that contain ylang ylang. Classed as an aphrodisiac, its sweet floral scent makes the body feel warm and sensuous. Sandalwood is also an aphrodisiac–its woody, balsamic aroma heals the skin and helps breathing while calming and reducing stress.

Formal massage training is totally unnecessary; simply explore what feels right.

Slip into Something Comfortable

What could be more comfortable–and romantic–than a warm, fragrant bath for two? Before you start the water running, get your motors revving with some sensuous background music and plenty of flickering candles.

Toast your sweetheart with a glass of favourite wine while you luxuriate in the warm, embracing water. Enhance the experience with foaming bubbles, relaxing sea salts, or sensual essential oils, but be sure to use natural products in order to avoid harsh, irritating chemicals.

To continue the pampering long after the last bubble has popped, wrap yourselves in your favourite plush bath robes and curl up by the fire with a cuppa hot chocolate, the nectar of the gods.



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