Amazingly Comforting Arame Minestrone

Serves 8 | Ready in 45 minutes

Arame Pasta Minestrone

Arame is a dark brown Japanese sea veg sold as long, wiry strands that are rich in dietary fiber. Its mild flavor makes arame one of the most versatile seaweeds and a great addition to salads and soups, as it won’t overpower other ingredients. If you don’t have arame, rehydrated and chopped kombu or wakame can be used in this recipe. You can also use cranberry, kidney, cannellini or orca beans if you’re adzuki bean-less. Whichever ingredient combo you use, each spoonful of this nourishing minestrone is like a liquid hug.

They’ve bean everywhere

In Asia, lightly sweet red adzuki beans are used in everything from soups to desserts. The legumes are packed with fiber, protein and vital minerals. To prepare dried adzuki beans, soak them overnight, and then simmer in a pot of water until they’re tender, about 40 minutes.

In each delicious serving: 249 calories | 10 g protein | 2 g fat | 47 g carbs (5 g sugar, 9 g fiber) | 361 mg sodium

Source: A shore thing

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