Cozy Vegetable Soup

SERVES 6 to 8 | ready in 45 minutes

Cozy Vegetable Soup

This soup is the perfect way to get your kids to eat a boatload of veggies. You’ll feel good knowing they’re getting a megadose of vitamins and minerals essential to ward off the common cold and flu, as well as fiber for a healthy digestive system. If you don’t have butternut squash on hand, just swap in sweet potato instead.

Smooth Move

If you have little ones who are just learning to eat or kids who love pureed soups, simply remove the bay leaf, pop this soup into a high-powered blender, and blitz until smooth and creamy.

In each delicious serving: 87 calories / 2 g protein / 0 g fat / 18 g carbs (9 g sugar, 3 g fiber) / 334 mg sodium

Source: Kid-approved vegan eats

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