Red Velvet Quinoa Bento

Serves 1 (red velvet quinoa makes 2 to 3 portions) | Ready in 45 minutes

Red Velvet Quinoa Bento

This stunning quinoa is one of my most asked-for recipes on Instagram, and my cookbook is the first place I’ve shared it—I hope you like it! Beet, miso, and a touch of clove add a sensuous, earthy quality to this quinoa in the happy company of creamy avocado, pecans, and fragrant charred peach and asparagus. Stone fruit is mostly sold underripe to protect it from bruising—a blast of heat brings its sweetness and softness out instantly. Char it with the asparagus in a dry pan or over a naked gas flame—a simple technique normally used to broil small green shishito peppers in Japan.

In each delicious serving: 674 calories / 17 g protein / 39 g fat / 72 g carbs (10 g sugar, 17 g fiber) / 458 mg sodium

Source: These Bento Box Recipes Will Take Your Workday Lunches From “Meh” to Marvelous

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