Roast Cabbage Slaw Bento

Serves 1 (slaw makes 3 to 4 portions)

Roast Cabbage Slaw Bento

I almost accidentally discovered how good cabbage is roasted. I’d been looking at broiled cabbage recipes online, but they were all for big wedges of cabbage (which seemed too time-consuming for an everyday recipe). Instead, I sliced my cabbage really thin, like a slaw, and roasted it spread thinly over a large baking sheet. Since that moment, it’s been on repeat in our house! The heat changes the cabbage into something much sweeter and full of umami, and the small pieces of lemon add a surprising, aromatic burst to every few bites. I started adding in cooked chickpeas or tofu to make it into a simple weekday meal (a combo that’s amazing wedged with avocado in a tortilla!). Since it’s so easy to make and tastes good cold, it’s great for bento too.

In each delicious Soba Noodle Roast Cabbage Slaw Bento: 709 calories / 23 g protein / 28 g fat / 105 g carbs (22 g sugar, 17 g fiber) / 665 mg sodium

In each delicious Onigirazu Roast Cabbage Slaw Bento: 801 calories / 27 g protein / 25 g fat / 129 g carbs (22 g sugar, 19 g fiber) / 228 mg sodium

Source: These Bento Box Recipes Will Take Your Workday Lunches From “Meh” to Marvelous

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