Salmon Sushi Sandwich

Serves 4.

Salmon Sushi Sandwich

Who says sushi should only be served with chopsticks? This Japanese-inspired sandwich delivers plenty of great texture along with a little sinus-clearing kick courtesy of a wasabi-infused cream cheese spread. If you have some on hand, go ahead and add a bit of pickled ginger to the sandwich. Rainbow trout or arctic char can be used in lieu of salmon.

Zest of life

Citrus zest, such as lime, is a great way to add vibrant, calorie-free flavour to a range of items, including sandwich spreads.

Each serving contains: 434 calories; 30 g protein; 19 g total fat (5 g sat. fat, 0 g trans fat); 35 g total carbohydrates (8 g sugars, 6 g fibre); 500 mg sodium

Source: What Lies Between

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