Sorghum Buddha Bowl

Serves 4.

Sorghum Buddha Bowl

This feast of flavours, textures, and colours is sure to garner praise from any lucky eaters. Full of energizing carbs, it’s an especially great dish to serve on days when you’ve had a vigorous workout. The sorghum, roasted sweet potato, and tahini sauce can be made up to three days in advance and chilled.


Placing a baking sheet in the oven as it preheats ensures vegetables such as sweet potatoes begin roasting as soon as they hit the hot pan, which encourages better browning. That’s culinary speak for yum.

Each serving contains: 474 calories; 15 g protein; 17 g total fat (2 g sat. fat, 0 g trans fat); 75 g total carbohydrates (14 g sugars, 10 g fibre); 539 mg sodium

Source: New Kids on the Block

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