Warming Ayurveda Bowls

Serves 4

Warming Ayurveda Bowls

Ayurveda focuses on balance, and there’s no better way to eat in equilibrium than with this warming blend of textures and flavors. Here, roasting brings out the naturally sweet qualities in carrots and asparagus, both served up with warm grains and tamarind-infused chickpeas.

You Do You

Bowls are infinitely adaptable. Roast whatever veggies are fresh and in season, change up chickpeas for white beans, and replace grains with cauliflower rice—there’s no wrong way to enjoy a bowl.

In each delicious serving: 554 calories / 21 g protein / 21 g fat / 77 g carbs (18 g sugar, 19 g fiber) / 548 mg sodium

Source: Ayurvedic Comfort Foods

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