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Cleansing herbs



Q: Why is cleansing important for our bodies, and what are the best herbs?

A: Nobody likes to think about the toxins that accumulate in our cells, tissues, and organs! But they’re not only present in our system—they can actually wreak havoc on everyday bodily functions.

Since the 1950s, we’ve been exposed to more than 70,000 chemical products on the market. Add stress, fast food, heavy meals, or one too many drinks occasionally, and you have a recipe for possible health concerns.

These external and internal factors can slow down the digestive system, in particular liver function; so many naturopaths recommend that we cleanse our bodies at least twice a year.


Signs your body may need cleansing

  • frequent colds
  • tiredness and lethargy
  • poor skin condition (yellow complexion or brown spots)
  • thickly coated tongue
  • bad breath
  • headaches
  • diarrhea/constipation
  • poor digestion


Healing herbs

While the liver is the main organ responsible for the transformation and elimination of chemical products, multiple organs related to the digestive system can benefit from cleansing.

Bitter herbs like artichoke, milk thistle, boldo, and dandelion, used individually or as a combination cleansing product, are thought to help the body eliminate waste and/or restore metabolism.

Milk thistle, a powerful herb for liver detoxification, encourages regeneration while protecting liver cells from damage.

Artichoke helps the liver metabolize cholesterol and lipids (fats), which reduces bloating.

Dandelion root cleanses and nourishes liver cells, promoting better production and movement of bile, which in turn helps fat metabolism and general bowel function.

Boldo is a traditional herb long used for many digestive disorders like bloating, heartburn, and poor absorption of nutrients in the stomach and intestines. a



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