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Attention all Party Hosts: Try these Alcohol-free Drink Recipes!


Be prepared with lots of snacks and alcohol-free drink options when you’re hosting a holiday party.

Although the holidays are all too often a time of overindulgence, many people are looking to reduce their alcohol intake this holiday.

Drinking too much alcohol can be extremely dangerous, both long- and short-term. Learn how much alcohol is safe for you, set a limit for yourself, and don’t go over it. Or, you can skip the alcohol entirely—there’s no rule that you have to drink at all!

Keep in mind that even if you drink, some of your guests may not wish to, so you should be prepared with other options when you’re hosting a holiday party. These alcohol-free drinks are suitable for kids and adults alike, and are special enough to serve at your festive get-togethers.

Cold drinks and cocktails

Hot drinks

Snack recipes for holiday parties
If you do decide to offer alcohol at your holiday party, make sure to include enough snacks for guests. Drinking on an empty stomach increases alcohol’s effects on the body.

These delicious finger foods are easy for guests to pick up and enjoy:



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