Better Together

Surprisingly delicious food combos

Chicken with Berry Sauce

Need to break out of an eating rut? These recipes prove that sometimes the most unexpected foods just totally hit it off and create dishes with plenty of visual, flavour, and nutritional appeal.

Tomato and basil, cream cheese and lox, and chocolate and raspberries: the culinary world is full of foods that go with each other. Pair them in dishes, and they tantalize the taste buds. After all, who doesn’t love perfectly roasted beets with a scattering of tangy goat cheese?

But it turns out that some strange bedfellows can also make for tasty dishes. As with human love, opposites can be attracted to each other. These combos totally hit it off in the kitchen. When you pair up items that seemingly don’t belong together on the same plate, a meal or dessert can transpire that’s Instagram-ready. And these combos deliver an extra dose of nutritional firepower. Check out these foods that are better together.


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