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Cool Summer Soups

Chill out on a warm day


Cool Summer Soups

Chill out! These cool soups are refreshing and light, perfect for a summer meal.

Cool summer soups, served as a light lunch or a starter to a main meal, are packed with a myriad of healthy ingredients. Given the veritable abundance of local produce hitting the markets, this is the perfect time of year to whirl up a lovely nourishing concoction.

One would assume cold soup had its origins in the tropics. But considering how Danes enjoy chilled soups made with buttermilk, while some of their northern neighbours love to down a bowl of chilled fruit soup, it can’t be confirmed, as many countries from cool to hot climes have their touted favourites.

Today, with our infused population reflecting many different nationalities, the inspiration to give the palate a nudge with a bowl of cold soup comes from many different influences. While some might have a penchant for Minted Pea Soup, we’ve jazzed it up by topping it with mint and citrus zest.

Or consider fresh garden carrots—we turned them into Velvety Thai Carrot Soup, combining the spicy sensations with cool and creamy coconut milk and keeping the chill in with coconut water ice cubes.

There are many delicious variations to seasonal cold soups, but they all have an essential common denominator. Just like hot soups are best served steaming hot, cold soups should be served supremely cold. If a soup requires any cooking to start, partially cool at room temperature. Then slightly cover to prevent it from absorbing other flavours, and place in the refrigerator until it’s perfectly chilled. Seal tightly until ready to serve.

To speed up the cooling process, place in the freezer just until ice crystals form. Cover and refrigerate. Whisk or stir, and serve in chilled bowls, cups, or glasses. The resulting condensation on the serving dishes adds to the eye appeal.

Cold and creamy, cold and crisp, zesty, spicy, and fresh—cool summer soups are the quintessential favourite on a hot summer day.




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