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Holiday Cocktail Party

Easy and delicious appetizer and cocktail pairings


With the arrival of December, we often look forward to celebrating the season with festive gatherings, good cheer, and tasty treats. However, all too often, the rich food and drinks on offer can leave us feeling a little less jolly when it comes to staying on track with our health goals.

While navigating the buffet and bar, try keeping these tips in mind to help you enjoy yourself without overdoing it.

  1. First, focus on and enjoy the vegetable focused dishes. Generally, these will be higher in nutrients and fibre, which is a big win when it comes to your overall health.
  2. Second, try to slow down and savour what you are eating. Grabbing a few items from the buffet and walking to the other side of the room to enjoy each bite will help curb the tendency to continuously graze on the offerings.
  3. Third, if you are going to imbibe, have a glass of water after every alcoholic drink. This will help you reduce your alcohol intake and keep you hydrated.
  4. Finally, lose the guilt. Although food is an integral part of the holidays, try to put the focus on family, friends, laughter, and cheer. If balance and moderation are your usual guides, it’s okay to indulge once in a while.

Considering throwing your own holiday party? Read on to discover some great appetizer and drink pairings that are sure to delight at your next gathering. Happy holidays!

Check out these great herbal inclusions for dishes and drinks!



Vegetable Cavier Sweet Potato Bites


Yuzo Basil Ricky


Lemon and Olive Oil Baked Feta & Rosemary and Clementine Sparkler


Salmon Salad Boats


Peach and Thyme Fizz


Sesame-Soy Party Mix & Cranberry Sage Punch

Lawren Moneta is a chef, food stylist, and recipe developer who’s looking forward to celebrating the season with family and friends.

A version of this article was published in the December 2019 issue of alive Canada with the title "Holiday Cocktail Party.”



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