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Meatless Monday: 3 No-Cook Summer Meals


It’s finally summertime! Welcome the warmer weather with these raw food recipes for pasta, soup, and burgers.

Summer’s here! After months of waiting, it’s finally time to say goodbye to warm food and root veggies—and hello to all the fresh produce popping up in farmers’ markets.

Raw food recipes are an awesome (or should that be raw-some?) way to take advantage of summer flavours. From cool soups to wheat-free pastas, there are endless ways to whip up wholesome meals without breaking a sweat. No-cook recipes also lend themselves well to vegetarian fare, making them a go-to choice for this Meatless Monday. 

Must-have tools for no-cook meals

  • Fine metal grater: For a flavourful finishing touch on recipes, nothing beats grated citrus, chocolate, or ginger; choose a grater that comes with two different hole sizes.
  • Blender: For smooth summer soups, puddings, and smoothies, a high-powered blender is a must.
  • Mandoline: For thinly sliced veggie noodles—think zucchini, beets, or carrots—it doesn’t get any better than this gadget; choose a stainless steel variety that comes with multiple blade options.

1. Zucchini Pasta with Marinated Cherry Tomatoes and Pesto

Thin, elegant strands of zucchini are the perfect base for summer pasta. Instead of heavy, whole wheat noodles, savour fresh ingredients such as tomatoes and spinach. Thanks to the herb-enriched pesto, however, this pasta will still taste indulgent.

2. Traditional Gazpacho

New to cold soups? Try your hand at making gazpacho—a traditional Spanish dish made with tomatoes and other salad veggies. Vegetables aside, I think my favourite part of this recipe is the bread cube garnish.

3. Beet Burgers with Almonaise

Burgers are one of the best parts of summer, but it’s not always fun to heat up the grill. Skip the heat, and instead make these totally raw burgers with beets, carrots, buckwheat, and a mix of nuts and seeds.


Not only light and fresh tasting, no-bake desserts tend to feature healthy, seasonal ingredients. This Berry Tart with Blueberry-Banana Ice Cream provides the perfect chill to offset warm evenings. For a more decadent summer treat, try these inventive Avocado Lime Cheesecake Bars.



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