Nutrient-Rich Recipes

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Nutrient-Rich Recipes

With hormones fluctuating monthly and additional changes happening over a lifetime, women can succumb to all kinds of food cravings in an effort to get required nutrients. The essential nutrients that a woman’s body needs include the minerals magnesium, chromium, and calcium; essential fatty acids; fibre; and vitamins such as C and B complex. An adequate daily supply of these helps reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause and aids in the body’s response to stress.

There’s also good news from the antioxidant front. Some of women’s favourite foods–tea and chocolate–contain powerful flavonoids that have been shown to have heart health and anti-aging benefits.

You’ll see a couple of these ingredients in this month’s recipes. From the chocolate yogourt muffins to the blissful mango and pineapple frappé that features the high antioxidant Rooibos tea, you’ll find colourful, trendy, and tasty recipes for the modern woman on the go.


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