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One and Done


After a season of indulgence, many of us are craving a fresh culinary start in the New Year. Celebrate a return to healthier eating with nourishing one-bowl recipes to kick off your post-holiday reset.


Winter Harvest Turkey Sausage, Bean, and Cider Stew

Winter Harvest Turkey Sausage, Bean, and Cider Stew
Chickpea and Tahini Harissa Stew

Tahini adds richness to the broth of this satisfying plant-based stew that’s perfect for any nippy night. If possible, prepare this stew a day or two in advance of serving, as the flavours only get better with time. Each bowl is also a rich source of fibre to help bolster digestive health. Look for za’atar and harissa at Middle Eastern grocers.

Curried Trout Lentil Salad

This protein-packed superfood salad combines omega-rich trout, lentils, crispy veggies, and a creamy warming curry dressing to create a nutritious and elegant weeknight meal in a bowl. Salmon can be substituted for trout if desired.

Mexican-Style Spicy Chicken and Sweet Potato Bowl

Consider this a hefty one-bowl meal with minimum fuss and maximum taste: proof that straightforward and simple can also be delicious and satisfying. You can also add dollops of sour cream. If you want fewer carbs, it’s possible to omit the rice.

Mediterranean Meatball and Farro Bowls with Smoky Hummus Sauce

During the blustery winter months, it’s always nice to serve salads with a warming element. Here, oven-roasted plant-based meatballs, tender farro, and oh-so-sweet sautéed tomatoes give this meal in a bowl star power. It’s a family meal that’s healthy, colourful, and satisfying. Instead of farro, you can use your favourite cooked grain, such as quinoa. Or leave the whole grains out altogether and serve with toasted pita bread. It’s also possible to make meatballs with ground beef, pork, or chicken.

Tofu Larb Salad

A tofu larb is a meat-free version of the warm Lao salad that is usually made with stir-fried minced beef or pork. Its sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavours and ample fresh herbs make for a sensual dish to eat. The addition of pickled carrots adds even more flavour nuances. You can omit the fish sauce if you need to keep this a plant-only dish.




Cherry Saffron Rosewater Clafoutis