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Show-Stopping Toppers

A healthy twist on favourites


Some of the healthiest salads can be sabotaged when they're topped with ingredients that are high in fat, calories, or salt.

Some of the healthiest food choices can be sabotaged when you top them with ingredients that are high in fat, calories, or salt. Instead, try these dressed-up recipes that will boost your nutrient intake without adding unhealthy amounts of fat and calories.

We’ve enhanced a few basic recipes, making them simple, nutritious, and quick to prepare. Post them in your kitchen for easy reference, and you’ll soon be adding your own healthy topper ideas.


Touted as the new wonder food, hemp hearts are high in protein and promote increased energy without adding sugar to the diet.

Pumpkin seeds have been noted for improving prostate health. They are high in zinc and a great source of magnesium. Pumpkin seeds contain phytosterols, a component necessary for reducing LDL cholesterol levels.

Dulse contains a large shopping list of vitamins and nutrients. Particularly known for its high B6 and B12 content, it can be added to many different dishes from soups to chowders, as well as rice dishes.



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