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Takeout, but Better!


Takeout night is a popular concept among busy families. These days, though, rising prices and increased health awareness mean people are opting to make their own meals at home more often.

Try these whole food, nutritious takes on traditional takeout favourites so you can indulge those cravings and skip the guilt. These forgiving recipes make them easy to prepare and easy to alter so the flavours will be just what you’re craving.

Although these recipes may take a little more time and effort than driving to your neighbourhood takeout joint, you’ll be rewarded with both added flavour and nutrition because you control the ingredients. Your pocketbook will thank you, too!


Curried Beans and Potato with Chickpeas

Curried Beans and Potato with Chickpeas
Roasted Grape and Butternut Squash Flatbread

Is pizza night getting old? Ready for a new take on a family favourite? Try this delicious upgrade on typical pizza. This version, using roasted grapes and butternut squash, is bursting with flavour and satisfying pizza appeal and packed with nutritious ingredients that are less heavy than typical pizza. Invite the entire family to make personal versions for a fun family-style pizza night in.

Fried Quinoa

A take on traditional Chinese-style fried rice, this fried quinoa version is packed with protein and bursting with vibrant veggies. Add some extras or stick to these healthy ingredients for takeout style you won’t soon forget. Swap out pork for ground chicken or make it plant-based by choosing a meatless ground variety.

Butter Bean Tacos with Baked Coleslaw

These finger-licking tacos are sure to be a Friday-night favourite or staple on taco Tuesdays. Butter beans are loaded with protein and lend a perfect creamy texture to these tacos. Baking the coleslaw adds a fun twist to this classic staple accompaniment. Serving the coleslaw right from the oven will be just the crunch these tacos need.

Banh MI Salad

This recipe leaves out the crusty bread that a traditional banh mi sandwich includes, but we promise you the flavour is not lacking. It hits all the Vietnamese flavour profiles you’re expecting in this classic dish, including sweet, spicy, and sour with a punch of umami.




Cashew Cheese Pesto Caprese Stacks