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Having a Hard Night?

Time-tested natural sleep aids


In today’s competitive society, a healthy sleep cycle may be constantly interrupted by the stress that individuals acquire from different environments. Constantly losing focus results in a significant decrease in work efficiency and the ability to properly respond to critical situations. The strain associated with this condition is especially felt by people affected by insomnia. Many natural herbal ingredients have been documented to have the same effects as sleep aids. Their helpful properties have been recorded by many cultures over the centuries.


Yuanzhi (Radix Polygalae)

The root of a herbaceous plant, Yuanzhi (Radix Polygalae) is commonly known as thinleaf milkwort. With its eye-catching violet flowers, Yuanzhi, which means “for a longer memory” in Chinese, has many unique characteristics that have been constantly studied and used throughout Chinese medical history. Since ancient times, Yuanzhi has been well known for its positive effect on enhancing memory and reducing anxiety.

Modern research suggests Yuanzhi can also enhance immune function and regulate chemical interactions in the nervous system. To achieve maximum effect, the root needs to be carefully selected and dried before use.

Its antidepressant-like activity is also well researched in scientific studies. For many centuries, Chinese medical specialists have been using the characteristics of Yuanzhi to help patients with insomnia problems gradually improve and regulate their sleep conditions.


Bai Zi Ren (Semen Platycladi)

The matured and oily pine nuts from the evergreen coniferous tree Chinese arborvitae are carefully selected and dried before they are skinned to leave the premium seed core for the final product: Bai Zi Ren. In Chinese culture, evergreen coniferous trees are often regarded as symbolic of longevity and vitality. The direct Latin translation of the common name arborvitae is “tree of life.”

Traditional Chinese medical culture emphasizes physical health, which is a reflection of an individual’s mental and spiritual state. Therefore, it is natural that traditional Chinese medical practitioners have long sought to unlock the secrets hidden in the evergreen trees.

One of these secrets may be inside the seed. Historical uses of Bai Zi Ren include sedation of anxiety and resolving insomnia-related problems. Bai Zi Ren is a natural and nutritional jewel with a lot of potential, especially in reducing insomnia.

In combination, these two herbal extracts also present a synergetic result that can be used to regulate sleep conditions and provide better sleep quality. A recent study has indicated positive results on animal trials and should be considered as a milestone for combining ancient medical concepts with modern technological achievement.



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