Life Makeovers

Life Makeovers

The editors of alive would like to extend thanks and admiration to our two life makeover 

superheroes, Rob Klettke and Toni Hadgraft, who endured six months of having their lives turned upside down during this process.

Rob and Toni were game to go anywhere we sent them–and they bravely started their new diets, swallowed their new supplements, sweated through their new fitness regimens, and allowed us to photograph them through it all.

The remarkable changes they achieved would not have been possible without the generosity of the holistic practitioners who donated their services for the makeover. alive magazine thanks naturopathic doctor Dr. Nigma Sciortino, dietician Karlene Karst, nutritionist Sally Errey, personal trainer PJ Wren, strength and conditioning coach Dean Shiels, fitness instructor Kerry Marion, master herbalist Robert McCandless, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Dr. Melissa Carr, and the treatment specialists at Vida Spa for their support and expertise. Each of these individuals exemplifies the best in complementary health care and their contributions were invaluable.

If you’re thinking about making significant changes to your life, we encourage you to find a complementary care practitioner in your area who can inform, support, and encourage you along the way.

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