Our Food Is Killing Us!

Dieticians and nutritionists tend to evaluate the food and drink we consume by the calories they contain and whether they will make us lose weight or make us fat. They develop formulas with the right proportion of carbohydrates, protein and fats for keeping our bodies healthy and good-looking. And every so often, someone comes along to proclaim a new discovery such as the glycemic index connection, high-protein diet or fat-free nutrition.

But so far, none of the scientific high priests serving the commercial interests of food production have presented us with a program for reversing the trend of increasing degenerative diseases. All we are told is to eat more of their manufactured, refined foods enriched and fortified with special vitamins and minerals. The new advertisement for Kellogg’s new fruit loops, part of their “K-SENTIALS for Growth” product line, promises “the same great taste” with added zinc, iron and calcium, and 50 per cent less sugar. Wow!

The latest craze among food manufacturers is adding herbs to food preparations for example, Ginseng Crunch Cereal (New Morning brand) for more energy and antioxidants or Ginkgo Biloba Rings (Robert’s American Gourmet) for better memory and alertness. How about supporting your immune system with kitchen Prescription Chicken Broth with Echinacea (Hain Pure Foods)? Doesn’t this marketing hype for “dead” food make you sick? Adding herbs or vitamins to deadly, disease-causing food doesn’t make it healthy food. If you eat dead foods like these, they will literally make you sick, as the entire nation already is.

The complexity of natural food composition means that no isolated single nutrient is likely to work nearly so well as a diet rich in the fruits and vegetables from which the nutrient was isolated. What’s more important is that the food we eat is in its natural living state fresh, raw, rich in enzymes and with the life element still present.

What this life element really is, nobody has been able to explain properly in detail, though we know it has to do with energy and measurable electric frequencies and vibrations, somewhat like what the soul is to the body. Take an unripe avocado for instance. When we put this living fruit into a brown bag, its own energy is captured to speed up the ripening process. However, if we leave it in the bag for too long, the energy disappears and the avocado will start to turn black and become dead food.

Recently, scientists have done enormous work with water, measuring and recording its frequencies from different sources. The well-known Austrian water specialist Viktor Schauberger has documented how living artesian spring water changes its molecular structure to pick up oxygen as it enters the creek to flow down the mountain, and how it turns dead when it is chlorinated and pumped through pipes. Six years ago, my wife and I visited the physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig in his laboratory in Bad Horb, Germany. He showed us thousands of test tubes with samples of water collected from all over the world. By measuring their frequencies he was able to determine where the water originated-for example, from a well underground, a spring, river or a lake. He was also able to prove that we would benefit more by drinking living water, which has the molecular structure to be able to connect with and carry oxygen.

Likewise, by empirical evidence, we know living food provides us with more energy.

Anyone who has changed to a diet of more raw, living food, including fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, can testify to that.

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