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#2013alive: Balance Work and Life


#2013alive: Balance Work and Life

For the first week of September’s 12 Months of Wellness, we’re promoting work-life integration.

August’s 12 Months of Wellness was all about our communities: exploring local events, having fun, and giving back in a meaningful way. In September, the focus is on our careers and workplaces. This first week, we’ll be seeking the Holy Grail of employment: an even balance between work and life.

Home from a long day at work, we shuck off our shoes, snag a snack ... and log onto our office email to tackle tomorrow’s tasks. Does this sound familiar? If your idea of work-life balance is inputting numbers into a balance sheet, it might be time for a change—and we’re here to help!

Work at letting go of work

With cellphones, email, and Skype allowing us to stay connected at all times, letting go of work can take as much effort as slaying a dragon. Here’s an arsenal of tips to help your quest for balance.

  • Take time when you get home to do a crossword, a few yoga poses, or whatever relaxes you.
  • Practise a new hobby such as painting or playing an instrument to take your mind off work.
  • Enjoy an offline weekend—on Saturday and Sunday, say no to the allure of Facebook, Twitter, and email. (Your coworkers’ status updates will keep until Monday—really!)
  • Create moments of free time during your workday, from filling up your water glass to a 15-minute break in the afternoon.

Let us know how it goes

How do you relax after hours on the job? Stop by our Facebook and Twitter—using the hashtag #2013alive—to keep us updated on your balancing act. Meanwhile, we’ll be discussing our own adventures in integrating work and life via blog posts.

Every questing hero needs a weapon: our September goal-tracking sheet isn’t a magic wand, but it might make your work-related worries disappear.



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Brain Storm

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