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#2013alive: What Tickles Your Funny Bone?


It’s time to check in with the alive staff again! Here’s how we tickle our funny bones.

We may not have achieved some great goal or succeeded in some impressive endeavour but, this week, we’re laughing! So, what do the staff here at alive do to tickle their funny bones?

We’re glad you asked …

Leah Payne, Editor: “My husband and I have recently discovered stand-up comedy podcasts. For those of you out there who think that all standup comedy is rude and obnoxious (hi, mom!) it’s not true, I promise! There’s a style and comedian for everyone; you just might have to listen to a few to find one you love. Now, even if we’re doing chores around the house, we’ll play a podcast on the iPad. Doing dishes has never been so hilarious!”

Colleen Grant, Editor: “I’ve never been to laughter yoga per se, but I have gone to a few kundalini classes (which I recommend trying at least once!). The free movement and deep, noisy breathing are fun, but forcing laughter always feels super awkward to me—so awkward that I end up actually laughing at how silly we sound. Some people do get really into it, which is amazing. At the last class I attended, there was an elderly man who danced and chuckled with a gusto that put my half-hearted giggles to shame …”

What gets you guffawing?

A great stand-up routine at the local comedy club? The joke that no one else got? Share your funny stories with us on Facebook, on our blogs, or on Twitter by using the #2103alive hashtag!

And don’t forget to download our October goal sheet to write down how well you did with this month’s goals.



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