Winter-proof Your Fitness Routine!

Winter-proof Your Fitness Routine!

The weather outside may be frightful (for the next few months!), but your fitness routine can still be delightful. It’s all about making adjustments, setting goals, and having fun!

1. Take it indoors …

The simplest alternative to an outdoor fitness practice is a gym-based routine several times a week that works all the major muscle groups in your body. Our article “Take Exercise Indoors” gives you the step-by-step plan to make this happen.

2. … Or stay outside!

But hey—if you have absolutely no intentions of stepping into a gym, that’s okay too! Believe it or not, it is possible to run and cycle in the winter. And if you love all the outdoor sports that winter has to offer, we live in a pretty awesome place to do that! Check out our article “Winter Workout, Canada Style” to find out what the season has to offer—from ice skating to tubing, and beyond. Just be sure to stay safe at the same time.

3. Plan for next year

One great way to keep your focus is to set a goal and train for next summer. Why not check out a fun themed race, and spend the winter training to run? If you’re brand new to running, you’ll want to read our articles “Run the Right Way” and “Learn to Run.”

4. Find something new

There’s also a great happy medium between hitting the gym and staying outside: trying a completely new indoor activity—no free weights required! Get inspired by these ideas:

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