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5 Mental Health and Wellness Apps

An Expert’s Picks


There’s no shortage of apps out there to help you with your mental health. But the jury’s still out on whether most mental health apps really work, from a research-backed perspective. So, we had registered psychotherapist Kimberlee Mancina share her recommendations:

  1. Bliss: As a positive psychology advocate, Mancina is a big fan of this app. She loves the various prompts this app provides to assist with gratitude journalling.
  2. MoodKit: Mancina finds this app works well for tracking mood on a weekly basis.
  3. Calm & Headspace: Mancina loves these apps for their tools to aid in guided meditation for stress reduction, anxiety, and sleep.
  4. Talkspace: This app is helpful for connecting with therapists, especially since it can be intimidating to find a therapist for the first time.
  5. YouTube: This app is an extensive resource for sound healing, guided meditation, and emotional freedom techniques.
  6. Instagram: Mancina sees this as a powerful platform covering topics from parenting to gratitude work that has helped to normalize conditions and realities.


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