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Reshape Your Negative Thought Patterns

We all engage in cognitive distortions sometimes, but in excess they can be harmful to our health. Learn how to put an end to them!

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Yoga for Cancer: A Guide to Managing Side Effects, Boosting Immunity, and Improving Recovery for Cancer Survivors

Book review

Yoga can help heal your body and mind after a cancer…

The Rise of Fitcations

The Rise of Fitcations

More and more travellers are not only including exercise…

Get the Most From Your Supplements

Get the Most From Your Supplements

Absorption is key. Do the supplements you take work…

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Aromatherapy 101

Learn how to harness the power of scent by using essential oils.


5 Easy Ways to Eat Better

Here are 5 easy ways to eat better.

Men’s Health

Men, Take Control of Your Health

Here are five important ways for men to take control of their health.

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