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International Stews

Flavours from around the globe


Be inspired by global, exotic cuisines and serve up these deliciously warm international stews.

While you might be dreading the slushy, snowy days ahead, they can undeniably provide culinary opportunities. Case in point: stews. These warm and cozy one-pot wonders are an ideal way to warm the soul on even the most frigid evenings.

They don’t require significant cooking chops or hands-on time in the kitchen, so you can serve a delicious dish without much fuss. Another reason that stews should be on the top of your winter meal list is their potential for supplying a cache of nutrients when infused with lean proteins, vegetables, and wholesome carbohydrates such as beans.

Stew aficionados know that putting a global spin on this dish can make it even better. Think of stews as a possibility to stamp your passport to flavour by embracing recipes from around the world. From smoky Mexican to nutty West African, these worldly stews are sure to impress. And leftovers are often even better—leaving you more time to, well, shovel the driveway.




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