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#2013alive: Get Ready to Sleep Soundly


Have you been tossing and turning lately? Next week, December’s 12 Months of Wellness offers tips to catch some ZZZs.

December’s 12 Months of Wellness has been stressing the importance of de-stressing. This week, we’ve relaxed by creating a daily “me” time ritual, from yoga to reading to anything in between.

If you’re still toting around some stress, holiday-related or otherwise, it might be the cause of sleepless nights. I tend to toss and turn at this time of year, but not because of stress; I’m just so giddy over the prospect of presents and parties. (That’s pretty lame, I know.) Regardless of our reasons for losing sleep, come extra shuteye could be the key to staying holly and jolly.

Prepare for peaceful slumber

Need another reason to get those magical seven to nine hours of slumber? Restless nights may have something to do with overindulging in holiday goodies. The less we sleep, the more likely we are to load up on food at the buffet table—even when we’re actually full. Clearly, this is not ideal with Christmas baking and parties on the horizon.

This weekend, turn off the lifestyle choices that may be cutting into your sleepy time. For example, try to avoid:

Get in touch

Do you sleep for seven to nine hours a night, or not quite? Let us know, and keep us updated on your 12 Months of Wellness journey in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter (using the hashtag #2013alive). Plus, set yourself up for sounder sleep by downloading a December goal-tracking sheet.



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