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15 Vegan and Gluten-Free Holiday Baking Recipes

… so no one misses out!


Dietary restrictions don’t mean you have to go without! Make sure everyone around the table can partake with these 15 gluten-free and vegan holiday baking recipes.


Gingerbread Breakfast Cookies

Who says you can’t have sweets for breakfast? These Gingerbread Breakfast Cookies pack some fiber to keep your tummy growl-free, and their kiss of warming spices will bring a little sunshine to those cool, winter mornings. Oh, did we mention they make a terrific host gift?

Speaking of spice, this fresh orange cake recipe is a great compromise to please your vegan, gluten-free, and sweet-toothed loved ones this holiday season. Plus, with the choice between a yogurt or chocolate ganache dressing, even the picky kiddos will want seconds.

The name may be a mouthful, but don’t let that fool you: This silky chocolate pie is as light as Santa’s sleigh, with just enough pumpkin to set the pudding and provide some antiaging skin support thanks to its vitamin A content.


Proof that good things really do come in small packages, these “cheesecake” squares are rich and creamy with not a stitch of dairy. Flavored with your choice of berry—cranberry anyone?—this is a refreshingly versatile treat, but be warned that it requires some forward planning.

This sweet is a piece of cake …. well, not really, but these cookie dough bites come together faster than you can recite The Night Before Christmas. Plus, they don’t hog any precious oven space!

Oh, sweet blondie. Moist and flavorful, this gluten-free take on the coveted bar lets the peanut and coconut shine through thanks to its subtle chickpea base. This recipe makes 16 bars, but we can’t promise they’ll last long enough to feed a crowd.


Like the turducken of Christmas confectionaries, these cookies are full of surprises. A brownie, in the shape of a cookie? Now we’re talking. And just when you think you’ve got it figured out, a new, gooey, peanutty center appears.

This fan-favorite holiday chocolate tends to be problematic for the nondairy folk—but not this year! Our vegan and gluten-free hedgehog truffles are as good for you as they taste, featuring hazelnuts, cacao nibs, and Medjool dates rolled into one delicious heap, and bound by coconut oil, cacao powder, and just a hint of salt.

Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, make these coconut truffles merry and bright thanks to their brilliant red color and high vitamin C content. To make, just throw the ingredients in your food processor, form into truffles, and serve. Just beware, these treats tend to have a snowball effect; you can’t just have one!


A gluten-free and vegan take on the classic, these soft and chewy morsels are still super easy to make with the ingredients you have on hand. Get the kids involved or whip these up solo to enjoy some (egg-free) cookie dough all to yourself!

These quick and easy jam drops feature heart-healthy ingredients and a simple recipe that gives even the bashful baker a chance to have their finger (or thumb) in the pie. If you’re feeling fancy, try making your own chia-berry jam to dollop on top.

Hiding under the guise of a rich, fudge brownie, these salted chocolate squares are made with pinto beans, though you would never know it! Another healthy substitute in this recipe is the swap of coconut oil for melted butter—a handy baker’s trick to keep in your back pocket when you want to skip the dairy.


Even though this recipe makes 16 cookies, you’ve got to be quick if you want to enjoy some of this gluten-, dairy-, egg-, and nut-free deliciousness. Easy to make with only 10 ingredients, this is a great recipe to keep on hand for the holiday season.

These dark chocolate-dipped wafers are a healthier alternative to the butter-laden shortbread many of us have come to look forward to each year. Plus, spirulina’s vibrant green hue makes these cookies naturally festive.

Enjoy this delectable treat guilt-free thanks to their wholesome blend of good-for-you ingredients, and no refined sugar. Perfect for the holidays, these sweet and savory treats can be made ahead as the molasses should keep them nice and chewy for a couple of days.



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