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10 Healthy Alcohol-Free Party Drinks

Sip the night away with delicious mocktail recipes


Looking for a tasty non-alcoholic beverage? You’re not alone. With more people taking a proactive approach to their health in recent years, alcohol consumption has dropped. Among Gen Z, especially, there’s a rising trend of drinking less alcohol compared to older generations. This includes trying alcohol for the first time later in life and drinking less frequently (or abstaining altogether!).

Whether you’re the designated driver, lead a sober-curious lifestyle, or just want a hangover-free morning, these healthy party drinks are perfect for your next event or night in.


Cantaloupe Ginger Cooler

This fruity drink uses fresh ginger, which could help calm an upset stomach and even curb the common cold—making this cooler a great choice during sniffle season. Ginger also lowers blood sugar, which is helpful after eating desserts high in sugar.

Two winter flavors, tart cranberry and fragrant sage, combine to create this family-friendly drink. Not a fan of cranberry? Easily substitute it for 100 percent pomegranate juice.

This recipe blends and strains unsweetened pomegranate juice, a gala apple, chopped fennel bulb, and lime juice. To top it off, sparkling water is used to create a crisp bubbly drink. To make the drink sweeter, add a couple of tablespoons of a natural sweetener, such as raw honey or pure maple syrup.


Grapefruits are full of vitamin C, which helps boost your immune system and reduce the severity and duration of colds. Sweet lychees balance the bitter grapefruit to create a tasty drink.

This drink serves four and is made with fresh, zesty ingredients, including oranges, turmeric, and ginger kombucha. Alternatively, make this a warm, cozy drink by substituting the kombucha and ice for hot water.

Cucumbers, grapes, kiwis—all juicy greens that are full of water. They’re used in this refreshing drink to help you feel hydrated (the opposite of how you may feel after downing a glass of wine). This recipe is great for serving at parties and picnics all year round.


Since pears help with hangovers and gut health, try this mocktail to help prevent a morning headache or when you’re feeling constipated after a large meal. Don’t have pears? Don’t worry! For an equally delicious drink, substitute pears for apples.

Serve this sweet beverage at any spring or summer gathering to instantly impress guests. The recipe was Inspired by Mexican agua fresca (a refreshing blend of fruits, cereals, and flowers). To make it vegan, replace honey with pure maple syrup.

For this refreshment, orange and lemon juice are mixed with kombucha, maple syrup, and ice. Although any kombucha flavor works in this recipe, try a ginger variety, which pairs well with citrus flavors. To reduce the amount of sugar in this recipe, replace a cup of kombucha with sparkling water.


This not-too-sweet sparkling mocktail uses rosemary, which is said to improve concentration and memory. A simple syrup is made by cooking water, agave nectar, rosemary, and juniper berries together on a stovetop. It’s then mixed with clementine juice, sparkling water, and orange bitters.



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