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10 Healthy Red and Pink Dessert Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Sweet recipes to make for your sweetheart (or yourself!)


Welcome to Next Gen Natural, a column where we share a Gen Z perspective on natural health and wellness. I’m Michelle—alive’s Digital Assistant and creator of the Healthy Num Num food blog. I love healthy living and want to inspire you to integrate wellness into all parts of your life, regardless of your age.

Love is in the air! Or maybe that’s just the sweet aroma of freshly baked Valentine’s Day sweets. Make a day full of love extra special by whipping up a healthy treat that’s naturally colored red or pink. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, you’ll be sure to fall for these delicious desserts.


No-Bake Raspberry Cheesecake

This decadent raw cheesecake is not only rich in flavor, but also rich in protein with 12 grams per serving. The chewy base is made mainly with a wholesome combo of oats, almonds, and raisins. Then, there’s a thick layer of creamy raspberry filling with a mousse-like texture. Finally, fresh raspberries and grated dark chocolate on top bring it all together.

Swap classic chocolate mousse for this lemony strawberry version. The silky-smooth mousse is layered with homemade raspberry jam, which comes together in just a few minutes. Made with 10 simple ingredients, this creamy cloud-like dessert is also plant based as it uses coconut milk and dairy-free yogurt. Garnish with pistachios or almonds for a satisfying crunch.

Dessert with benefits

Wouldn’t it be nice if your bedtime snack also helped you sleep better? This mousse fits the bill when garnished with pistachios or almonds. These nuts contain tryptophan, an amino acid that boosts your body’s production of sleep-promoting melatonin.

This dreamy soft serve tastes so good that it’ll have you floating on cloud nine. It’s naturally sweetened with bananas and raspberries and elevated by the addition of chewy crystallized ginger. Plus, with a little preparation, this dessert comes together in just two minutes. Enjoy with a cozy Blushing Latte for a perfect pink pairing.


Ever wondered about the difference between a cake and a torte? Well, in a torte, all or part of the flour is replaced with fresh breadcrumbs or finely ground nuts. This recipe is a twist on the classic almond torte, with a sweet raspberry layer on top giving each bite a tart burst of flavor that pairs so well with the hint of lemon laced through the torte base. Bonus: this dessert is completely gluten free.

Let’s break down three reasons why you need to make this dessert. First, it’s a no-bake crumble for quick and easy to assembly. Second, it’s packed with heart-healthy antioxidants from the variety of berries. Third, it’s just so delicious! Enjoy this comforting crumble with plain or vanilla Greek yogurt to pack in probiotics and protein.

Taking a bite of one of these soft oatmeal cookies with a chewy fruity center is sure to make your Valentine’s Day just a little sweeter. These quick-to-make treats contain 3 grams of protein per serving and are perfect for those who love classic oatmeal cookies. Instead of store-bought jam, follow this Delicious Chia Fruit Jam recipe for a healthy homemade spread.


This dessert charcuterie board is the perfect sweet treat to graze on throughout Valentine’s Day. The next-level board features a dried fruit and nut energy bite mixture formed into a log to make “salami.” Then, there’s Lebanese-style cheese formed into balls and rolled in cardamom, rose petals, and almonds—all served alongside an array of romantic red fruit.

We promise you won’t be able to taste the avocado in this creamy dairy-free dessert. It seamlessly blends in with the rest of the ingredients, making sweet raspberries the standout flavor. Try serving this creamy mousse to your kids to sneak in some extra nutrients if they aren’t avocado lovers. Along with the avocado, this delightful delicacy is also packed with heart-healthy fats from cashews and chia seeds.

The secret ingredient in this dessert? Soft tofu! It provides a boost of protein that takes on the berry flavor and creates a thick pudding-like texture. The vibrant color of this pudding comes from frozen raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Garnish with shaved dark chocolate, cacao nibs, or chopped nuts for some crunch in each bite.


Thinly sliced strawberries are arranged into a beautiful layer that’s drizzled with sweet strawberry purée and garnished with toasted pistachios, edible flowers, and fresh mint. The fresh strawberries are accompanied by orange blossom water for a burst of sweet citrus flavor in each bite. Opt for organic strawberries over conventional as they are number one on EWG’s Dirty Dozen guide to pesticides in produce.



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