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7 Reasons to Eat More Hemp Hearts

The ultimate super seeds


Did you know that hemp hearts contain more protein than flax or chia seeds? That’s just one of their standout qualities.

Hemp hearts don’t just have the cutest name; they might also have the best nutritional profile of any seed. If you haven’t already fallen for this trendy superfood, here’s why you should.


1. They contain more protein than flax or chia seeds.

Despite their small size, hemp hearts contain 10 g of protein in each 2 Tbsp (30 mL) serving. The same amount of flax or chia contains just 5 g or 4 g of protein, respectively.


2. They’re a plant-based source of complete protein.

Bonus: hemp contains all the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. (Most plant-based proteins contain some, but not all, essential amino acids.) This makes hemp hearts—or hemp-based protein powder—an excellent choice for vegan and vegetarian athletes.


3. They’re easier to digest than hempseeds.

Of all hemp products, you’re probably most familiar with hemp hearts: the soft, nutty insides of hempseeds. Hemp hearts are easier to eat and digest than the full seed, since they’ve ditched their tough outer shell.


4. They make nutritious, dairy-free milk.

Hemp milk

Homemade hemp milk is super easy to make—even easier than almond milk, which requires soaking and straining the almonds. With just some water and natural sweetener, hemp hearts blend up into a creamy, delicious drink.


5. You can put them in (pretty much) anything.

With a subtle, nutty flavour, hemp hearts taste great in all sorts of sweet and savoury dishes. You can use hemp milk in place of dairy milk, add hemp oil to dressings, and use hemp-based protein powder in smoothies.


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6. They contain the perfect balance of omega fatty acids.

Hemp contains a three-to-one ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s, which is ideal for our heart health and overall well-being. These essential fatty acids can’t be produced in the body, so we need to source them from foods.


7. They’re a sustainable, non-GMO crop.

Hemp field

Hemp is basically a super crop. Naturally resistant to the effects of insects and disease, it can be grown without pesticides, herbicides, and other nasty chemicals. Plus, hemp is never genetically modified.



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Matthew Kadey, MSc, RDMatthew Kadey, MSc, RD