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Smart Snacking

Healthy alternatives to satisfy your cravings


With a little advance planning, you can enjoy a snack that promotes healthy eating and allows you to control cravings.

We often have good intentions to pursue a healthier lifestyle with more frequent exercise, better quality sleep, and a healthier diet as we cross into a brand new year. However, all too often, as we go about our hectic schedules, we face challenges such as a case of the mid-morning munchies or hitting that 3 pm wall.

At these times, the temptation to grab a quick treat to curb a craving between meals often leads to snack choices that can take us one step back in our quest for better daily health. With a little advance planning, you can steer clear of these daily pitfalls and enjoy a snack that not only promotes healthy eating objectives, but also allows you to control cravings instead of letting cravings control you.

Blood sugar levels tend to dip about three hours after a meal. By incorporating smaller and more frequent snacks into your daily eating routine, you ensure a more normalized metabolism and blood sugar levels that will help keep your energy up and mind alert. Not only that, but snacking may also help bolster your spirits. Carbohydrates actually help lift our mood by boosting the levels of a brain chemical called serotonin.

Reaching for a sugary treat may give us a quick energizing jolt, but will quickly flame out, leaving us with the same craving and starting the cycle over again. By instead choosing snacks made with whole foods high in nutrients, fibre, and protein, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, dairy products, and whole grains, you are more likely to lift your mood without the nasty roller-coaster effect.

Get your snacking off to a great start this year. Armed with these recipes, you are sure to crush your cravings while staying the course of your health and wellness goals.


Sugar shock

Read labels carefully. Foods that claim to be “all natural” or “pure” may not be as nutritious as they appear. For example, “all natural” drinks often contain a high amount of sugar, which is, after all, a natural ingredient. Low-fat snack foods also tend to increase their sugar content in order to taste better, making them almost as calorically dense as their full-fat counterparts.



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