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5 Easy Ways to Eat Better

Healthy doesn't have to mean complicated


Forget prepping for bathing suit season: it’s important to eat healthy all year long.

Here are some foolproof ways to eat well, feel better, and improve your health.


1. Meal plan ahead of time

Don’t get stuck in a bind trying to figure out what to cook at the end of a busy day. Weekly meal planning can save time and money at the store, in addition to being healthier. Learn how to do it here. Plus, to save even more time, you can cut down on your grocery shopping by ordering a produce box from a local farm.


2. Have a smoothie ready for the morning

We know, we know—mornings can be hard, and the drive-thru can be oh-so-tempting. But just think of how great you’ll feel if you start your day on a healthy note. To make things easier, why not assemble your favourite smoothie recipe the night before? Just throw the ingredients in the glass smoothie container in the fridge, and then blend in the morning. Looking for something hearty? Try this recipe for overnight oats.


3. Outsmart the restaurants

There are days when you’re not able to brown-bag it to work or school and you end up at a restaurant. That’s okay! Check out “8 Healthy Tips for Dining Out” to learn how to make it through your meal in a healthy way that’s still delicious.


4. Have healthy snack ideas

Repeat after us: snacks are not off limits! In addition to preserving our sanity, they can actually be incorporated into our diets in healthy ways. Whether you typically crave chocolate, chips, cookies, or popcorn, there’s a healthy alternative for everything!


5. Sip spa water, not soda

Speaking of healthy substitutions, carbonated beverages are some of the worst things in our diets—whether they’re sugar-sweetened or not. Try some flavourful and healthy spa water (infused with fruit and other goodies) instead.



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