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#2013alive: Ready to De-Stress?


#2013alive: Ready to De-Stress?

Don’t let Black Friday deals stress you out - take time to relax this weekend in preparation for December’s 12 Months of Wellness.

Today, we’re waving goodbye to November’s bad habit-breaking 12 Months of Wellness. Did you manage to keep a written record of your progress this past week? At alive, Editors Ellen and Leah tracked their workouts (and both of them earned gold stars in my books). Meanwhile, Marketing Specialist Bronwyn and Account Manager Jennifer made lists to help them ditch bad habits and develop good ones.

Treat yourself to a stress-free December

It’s Black Friday! Whether you’ll be elbows deep in the shopping fray or hiding out at home (that’s me!), the holiday season is officially here. Black Friday epitomizes the stresses that can accompany this time of year: shopping, planning, and go go going. To take back relaxation this winter, December’s 12 Months of Wellness is devoted to de-stressing. Make the yearend as happy and healthy as possible by

Get ready to delegate some chores

To start, we’re inviting all the do-everything, buy-everything planners to take a break. It may be as simple as putting down the to-do list and letting someone else handle a few of the chores. For example, ask a family member to help with housework while you shop for Christmas presents, or vice versa. If the effort of searching for perfect gifts is taking a toll, enlist a helper (or two) to shop with you. (It’s a well-known fact that any shopping trip is better with a buddy.)

Don’t forget to write!

Are you a holiday nutcase or a mellow merry-maker? Let us know how you plan to limit stress this December in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter (using the hashtag #2013alive).



Exercise Is Critical to Maintain Your Brain

Exercise Is Critical to Maintain Your Brain

Brendan Rolfe, CPHR, BA, DipABrendan Rolfe, CPHR, BA, DipA