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15 Healthy Work Lunches You’ll Actually Look Forward To

Leave your sad desk salads in 2021


Making a lunch every day can seem a tedious chore, but that doesn’t mean that eating it needs to be, too! Check out these upbeat and nutrient-packed alive recipes to perk you up when the clock strikes noon.


Spicy Korean Wraps

These gut-friendly wraps are a flavor fusion combining Mexican and Korean cuisine. Not a fan of beans? No problem! Swap them out for shredded chicken or crumbled tempeh to make it something you’ll love.

Stock your fridge with this chickpea spread and creamy yogurt cheese, plus all your favorite toppings, to enjoy unique and colorful meals all week.

Although technically a salad, this differs from your unalluring go-to in that it won’t leave you wanting. Full of fiber and bursting with flavor, this Mediterranean spin-off will keep you feeling full all day.


This almond pear sandwich is the best thing between two slices of bread. Experience fresh flavors of pear and apricot, the richness of goat cheese, and hints of vanilla and cinnamon—all in one bite!

Tacos aren’t just for Tuesday! This amped-up mason jar salad is perfect for any day of the week—say, Meatless Monday? Layer the ingredients starting with dressing on the bottom, and the driest ingredients on top, to keep your salad from getting soggy and save on dishes.

With less than 10 ingredients, this wrap is easy to make and customize using what you have on hand. Just be sure to marinate the tofu in advance to make this an almost effortless lunch to-go.


This tasty noodle dish has been given a colorful makeover highlighting all the good-for-you bits. Plus, it travels well! Just keep the dressing on the side until you’re ready to eat.

Treat yourself to a fancy-feeling bowl full of whole grains, detoxifying vegetables, and nourishing avocado. For meatless diets, simply sub out the chicken for tofu or tempeh to enjoy this bright and colorful bowl of goodness.

This glow-getting stew doesn’t skimp on nutrients like beta carotene, which is thought to promote a healthy complexion. Not sold? Add it to your lunch routine and see for yourself!


As versatile as it is delicious, this dish can be served cold or warm and can easily be adapted to fit a gluten-free or meatless diet. Just be sure to make this the night before, as the cashews need to soak for at least two hours.

Take comfort in knowing this cold soup is waiting for you come lunch time. Fire-roasted tomatoes, fresh lemon juice, and aged balsamic vinegar are just a few of the ingredients that really set it off.

Steak and chimichurri do the tango in this Argentinian-inspired sandwich. With guest appearances from sweet potato and horseradish, it’s as good as it is good for you.


This deconstructed sushi roll of a sandwich is just the ticket to clean out stuffy sinuses thanks to the wasabi-infused cream cheese. And don’t be afraid to get creative with your ingredients—this is your chance to easily recreate your favorite sushi roll … minus the roll.

An array of superfoods are sandwiched in this smoky and sharp bagel fit for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Sub in tofu if salmon isn’t your thing, or, if you have access to a kitchen at lunchtime, top with a poached egg for a real treat.

Homemade beet-tahini dressing sets off this bowl, making it anything but bland. Plus, the dressing and bowl can be made ahead (and kept separate), so it’s ready and waiting for those mornings when you’re running out the door.



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